Hypnotherapy for Addiction Treatment (Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol)

hypnotherapy for addiction treatment

Addiction is a complicated disease. It causes a person to use a substance or engage in a particular behavior whose rewards create a convincing incentive to keep pursuing the substance or activity even if it is causing negative effects. When a person is addicted, they exhibit certain symptoms. They include:

  • The complete loss of self-control
  • Continuous use of the substance or engaging in the activity even if the consequences are dire
  • Obsession with the addictive substance or activity
  • A number of unsuccessful attempts to stop using
  • The development of tolerance
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Depression

The substances and activities which cause addiction can actually change how the brain works. While they initially took the cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol or committed the activity to feel good, addiction causes them to take the substance or engage in the activity just to feel okay. This leads to physical and mental tolerance. Eventually, they begin to require larger amounts to achieve a high. Once at this level of consumption, they become addicted.

Addiction to smoking, drugs and alcohol can lead to poor performance in your workplace, failed academics, broken relationships and even death. We can help you to avoid these perilous effects. Our hypnotherapists are equipped with the knowledge and skill to treat your addiction.

Using Hypnotherapy for Addiction Treatment

Despite being one of the most mysterious sciences in the world, hypnotherapy has been proven effective time and again. It works by causing significant changes in the subconscious mind of a patient while they are under a state of heightened relaxation. This state is also known as a trance. This science is practiced by a hypnotherapist.

By using a series of phrases and actions, this professional can induce a trance, gain access to a patient’s subconscious mind and help them to change their actions or behavior. One of the conditions that hypnotherapy can treat is addiction. Our company has a staff of professional and accredited hypnotherapists who can help you to overcome addictions and achieve mental and physical wellness.

With tangible evidence to prove it, hypnotherapy can successfully treat addiction. By inducing a heightened state of consciousness, a hypnotherapist can gain access to the deepest part of the subconscious mind and begin to eliminate the psychological effects of the drug or addictive activity. To achieve this, our hypnotherapists make use of 3 stages of treatment. They include:


In this stage of treatment, our hypnotherapists help the patient to focus on their addiction. This is a deep mental activity where you objectively observe your circumstance of addiction. You are able to examine the addiction and how it is controlling you. This helps you to see the link between it and yourself.


In this stage, our hypnotherapists can assist the patient to block out any distractions that would normally capture their attention. This is to ensure that you are fully focused on the hypnotherapy session. It also creates a foundation for the most important stage of treatment.


This is a state where the patient’s subconscious mind is ready and willing to receive suggestions concerning how to deal with the addiction. In this state, our hypnotherapists can proceed to plant ideas and thoughts which combat the addiction. They help the patients to gain mental strength over the addiction.

Let Our Reading Hypnotherapists Help You Treat Your Addictions

By suggesting thoughts of power and control, our Reading based hypnotherapists can help the patients to actively make a decision to overcome the addiction. Our skilled hypnotherapists assist the patients to quit the addiction and desire being clean more than being high. This creates a fundamental, positive paradigm shift within the subconscious mind. It also leads to the creation of constructive habits and activities which eventually allow the patient to be free from addiction.

Hypnotherapy is able to treat addiction by helping the patient unlock themselves from behaviors and addictive substances. While they initially felt that these substances or activities were controlling them, this form of treatment restores full control to the patients. As a result, they can purposely quit the addictive substances or activities and never look back again. You can overcome your addiction by booking a session with our trained, certified and experienced hypnotherapists.

Here at Sigmund & Jung Hypnotherapy Reading, we observe complete discretion and ensure that you resume complete mental and physical wellness.