Sigmund & jung hypnotherapy offers fully qualified and licensed hypnotherapy services located in the beautiful town of reading, berkshire.

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Sigmund & Jung Hypnotherapy Reading, the Most Qualified Hypnotherapists in Berkshire

Looking for an experienced hypnotherapist in the city? Well, you have come to the right place! Sigmund & Jung Hypnotherapy Reading offer effective services for the treatment of different issues, related to mind. We believe that every problem is rooted in the subconscious mind. With an ample amount of experience in the mind, we excel in curing patients of different issues. We put our best efforts in empowering those people who have encountered severe problems in their lives. If you are suffering from various problems owing to limited beliefs and low self-esteem, we can assist you.

We offer specialized treatment to our patients with dedication, sincerity, and professionalism. We ensure that you are recovered completely from diseases you were suffering from. We diagnose the root cause of your issue prior to starting the recovery. This enables us in curing our patients at ease. We adopt powerful mind treatment techniques to resolve the root cause of the different issues.

What is hypnotherapy essentially?

Hypnotherapy refers to be a kind of complementary therapy where hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness is used for the purpose of treatment. Hypnosis counts to be a treatment for different long term conditions as well as with an eye to breaking specific habits. Though there is no stronger evidence for supporting the uses, hypnosis has worked wonders for people. At times, we use it as a type of relaxation technique for using the power of suggestion or relying on the placebo effect.

How can you benefit from our hypnotherapy techniques?

There are a number of ways you can be benefited as you opt for our hypnotherapy techniques. Our techniques are beneficial in treating the following conditions

  • Depression
  • Phobia
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Grief and loss of loved ones
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight Loss

If you have a friend or a family member who is suffering from psychotic symptoms like hallucination or delusion, you can contact us for speaking to an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist with an eye to determining if the therapy is right for you.

Our Hypnotherapy Techniques and Methods

We make use of hypnotherapy in any of the two ways which are inclusive of suggestion therapies and analysis.

Suggestion therapy

We make use of suggestion therapy in case the patient is capable of responding to specific suggestions from hypnotherapist in the trance like state. You make use of this technique with an eye to controlling or stopping any type of unwanted behavior which are inclusive of nail biting, gambling, over eating, smoking. Our techniques have been really successful in the treatment of pain or enhancing the instances of positive behavior like confidence or self-motivation.

This technique of hypnotherapy is considered to be beneficial to us in order to discover the different psychological roots of symptom or issue that involves past trauma, depression, social anxiety. This kind of trauma is hidden often in the unconscious memory of a person and forgotten on the conscious level. With the aid of hypnotherapy for analysis, we have gained success in digging into the subconscious memory of a patient for retrieving suppressed memories. This technique is also used for retrieving early development trauma which results in a wider range of problematic behavior or psychological conditions.

Regression therapy

Regression therapy refers to the analysis process of hypnotherapy. It is more exploratory and aids in uncovering the underlying cause of a disorder, issue or symptom. During the process, we hypnotize the patients and put them into a relaxed state in order to explore a past event of life, for exploring the unconscious and subconscious memory of the patients.

This technique of hypnosis is not meant for curing or changing the behavior of a patient directly. It is meant with an eye to locating the cause and treating the same with the aid of psychotherapy.

Why choose Sigmund & Jung Hypnotherapy Reading?

The science behind these therapies has just started for catching up on the reports of the beneficial nature. The scientific community has started for raving about the different potential benefits of hypnosis. As patients choose our services, they will be capable of looking for an alternative and new treatment procedure. Our hypnosis techniques have proved to be valuable tools in order to fight a wide array of physical, psychological and behavioral issues.

Our hypnotherapy techniques are legitimate and regulate therapies by which we explore the subconscious mind of a person. Thus, we assist the patient via psychotherapy. They contribute to being techniques of therapy for conferring relief to a person from the problems and symptoms which they are suffering from. Our techniques have been really effective in different cases when patients have suffered from addiction and pain.

While used in combination with different forms of therapy, this technique has been really useful for combating a wide array of psychological issues that involve depression, stress, and anxiety. People suffering from behavioral issues such as weight loss, smoking, nail biting has procured significant results with our therapy.

Our therapies contribute to being really effective to the patients for the development of deeper understanding of a person. If your family member has been a victim of past trauma, we can opt for our services. If you are a person who is dealing with depression for a very long time and has failed to determine the root causes, this therapy might be the answer for you.

We assist people in dealing with their psychological goals or issues. The most crucial thing of this treatment is how much a patient is motivated for bringing a change in their life or for staying away from addiction and habit. We believe that the eagerness and motivation, a patient has in him is the leading cause of the success of these therapies. Choose Sigmund & Jung Hypnotherapy Reading today!

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